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Confessions of a Fat Player   Confessions of a Fat Player
A Big Man’s Guide to Dating Beautiful Women
Justin Harrison

Tired of the one-size-fits-all dating guide? Hoping to break out of that "fat guy" label and score with beautiful women...without resorting to the stale, scumbag pick-up strategies found in every run-of-the-mill dating guide?

One part advice, one part story-telling, Confessions of a Fat Player draws readers in to a world where the overweight ladies’ man can truly prosper in the dating scene.

Professional comedian and self-proclaimed "fat player", Justin Harrison offers up an entertaining yet informative "how-to" guide for every man who has ever felt too fat to succeed with women. "Confessions of a Fat Player" includes Harrison's dating tips in a natural progression, moving from the basics of self-acceptance and identifying your personal style, to specifics on finding beautiful women and tips on how to date them (with or without a tight budget), and finally to sex tips geared towards the heavier-set.

But it doesn't stop there! Just as the title promises, Confessions of a Fat Player includes many of Harrison's own personal stories and sex "confessions", detailing his personal accounts of hooking up with beautiful women over the years.

With self-proven tips and anecdotal evidence, Confessions of a Fat Player proves that even a fat player can become the most desirable man in the room.

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