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Services For Authors:

Over the years, we have encountered many books we knew had definite sales potential but we couldn't publish and other publishers had passed on as well. We decided to create an alternative method to help these authors reach their potential market.

We help you be in the publishing business for yourself but not by yourself. We have established a way for authors to take advantage of our enormous distribution chain and state-of-the-art design, layout and programming resources. Since we already own and operate all of these resources, we are able to provide them to the independent artist at a very affordable price.

The following is a list of services we provide. While you might not need all of them, you can relax knowing that we will provide everything you need and guide you though this process so that you can have a book that you are truly proud of and that will yield the maximum sales possible.

Unless you've hired a professional editor already, it's a very good idea to have one go through your book. Even the biggest names in literature use editors. Editors find mistakes and condense repetitive text. They can even help bring certain parts to life. Editors are the music producers of the written word. We have some of the best in the world. Prices for editing vary depending on how long your book is and how much needs to be done.

Cover Design:
The cover of your book is probably the most important part of your book. It tells potential readers what to expect. It is the visual representation of your written word. It has to be great. It has to look professional. Our designers will make you the perfect cover for your book. Something that is eye-catching and draws potential readers in.

Layout and Design of your Printed Book:
This is a very tedious and complex process. It's not just copying and pasting your book out of a Word document into a template. Every page of your book needs to be carefully corrected to eliminate "widows", "orphans" and hyphenated words. Your book needs to look professional. A sloppy presentation will kill a readers faith in what is written. Prices for layout and design vary depending on how long your book is and how much needs to be done.

Layout, Design and Programming of your eBook:
The eBooks we program and create are fully interactive, multi-platform user controlled eBooks. Other companies will claim they will convert your book to an eBook for a super low price. Be extremely wary of these claims. These are not real eBooks.

An eBook needs to be compatible with all digital readers in all countries. This requires some serious programming knowledge. Also, eBooks need to have a fully interactive Table of Contents as well as out-link features. The eBook needs to be built in a way that will allow the user to change the fonts, type size and background. Today's digital readers allow for lots of cool interactive features...especially the iPad. Customers are more than annoyed if they have paid money for a book expecting it to function with all the bells and whistles their expensive reader provides only to find out it's a mess of static, non-flexing type. And...they will not hesitate to say so in the comment section under your book. This, obviously, effects sales negatively.

We can make your book do amazing things. It can contain photos, video and sound! It can have interactive quizzes or select and slide features for children's books. Let your imagination run wild and we'll see if we can make it happen. Prices for eBook programming vary depending on how long your book is and how complex the programming.

Meta Data:
Another important element to consider is META data. This information has to be carefully chosen and embedded into the code of your eBook so that search engines can log it and people can find it. Simple conversion software does not do this. We include it free with our programming.

If you live in or near Los Angeles, we highly recommend coming to our studio to get your author photo taken. We have some of the best photographers and retouchers in the business. You can see samples of our work photography at Vinali Photography.

Remember, this image represents YOU. It needs to be spectacular. It will be used in every review, promo and article related to you and your book. Get it done right. Even if you can't get to us, please go to a high-end professional photographer to get your author shot taken. Chances are there is a great photographer in your area that we can recommend.

We get you all the necessary registration numbers for proper inclusion such as ISBN and UPC codes.

We register your copyright with the Library of Congress.

eBook Distribution:
We will get your eBook into every digital retailer in the world.

Physical distribution:
We will make your book available to every retail store that sells books throughout the United States, Canada, England, Europe and Australia.

Once your book is finished and in the retail chains, it isn't going to sell itself. You need to promote it. We have a variety of services to help you achieve maximum saturation even if you have a limited budget. While we are not going to give all our little secrets on how to do this away for free right here, we will tell you some of the general ones most people use us for. Once we get going, we can discuss some lesser known trade secrets.

• Website - we can build you a custom website to promote and sell your book
• Social Media - we set up social media pages to promote the book
• Postcard - we can design and print a postcard that can be handed out and mailed to interested parties
• Swag - we can create promotional materials that you give away to get people to know about you and your book
• Posters and Press Kit - we can create these to help you get stores to allow you to give readings and periodicals to write positive reviews

There are no limits. We do all of these things for our published authors. Every single book we have ever published has made money. Period. While obviously some make more than others, the undisputable fact is that every book we have published has made money.

For most of us, writing is a passion. We do it whether we get paid for it or not. But wouldn't it be cool to make money at something you love. We think so. That's why we do this.

Feel free to contact us with any questions: Email Volossal Publishing

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