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The Lunch   The Lunch
A Romance From A Man's Perspective
Robert Buchanan

Sherry & Jarred meet for an innocent business lunch to make plans for their upcoming art show. Sitting outside at Sunset Cove restaurant, a warm breeze came off the river out of nowhere, and wrapped around the two of them. Jarred had no idea what was about to happen, or the significance of a breeze only they felt.

Confused by the events of the day, Jarred escapes to his favorite place on the beach and falls asleep. As he slept, he experienced a very real dream taking him back centuries where he observed a young couple madly in love. It soon became clear, however, that Jarred was not sleeping. What was happening to him?

Before long, Jarred and Sherry embark upon a roller-coaster journey of emotions and feelings they had never before experienced. The two fall in love, and a reluctant, unexpected affair between two people who belonged to others begins.

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