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Messages From beyond
Bob Buchanan

The Life of a Caulbearer
Follow Bob Buchanan in his lifelong journey as a Caulbearer. Bob was born with a veil. A veil is a membrane that had to be removed from his face at birth by the surgeons. This book chronicles Bob’s life experiences as a Caulbearer starting as early as infancy. It includes actual events that happened to him that will allow you to get a better understanding of life under the influence of the veil. You will read authentic accounts of many of Bob’s unbelievable sessions with people where he delivers important and healing messages from loved ones who have passed on.

You Will Believe...
“The stories about my sessions are true, although the names have been changed. Otherwise, they are 100% factual. Are all my sessions as impactful as those in this book? No, because I get what the souls want me to hear depending upon where the person I am getting messages for are at in this life. Enjoy this book as you journey with me through my life as a Caulbearer. I look forward to your company.” - Bob Buchanan

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