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You Might Be A Douchebag   You Might Be A Douchebag
Joe Bartnick

A hilarious poke at the guy who acts like a classic douchebag by comic Joe Bartnick. Fully illustrated, this book is as educational as it is entertaining.

Everybody wants to be the cool guy. The guy every man wants to be and more importantly, the guy every chick wants to bang. Being cool is easy for some and impossible for others. While you may never be totally cool, you absolutely do not want to be a douchebag; the complete opposite of cool. That's why Joe Bartnick wrote this book. He wants to help you to avoid being a douchebag. He's even added illustrations. Because you might be a douchebag without even knowing it. Remember, this book is to inform and entertain. So don't get mad; get cool.

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