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You're Probably A Slut

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  You're Probably A Slut
Allison Sciulla

The idea for this book came to me after I found a toothbrush while looking through my friend's purse. I asked her, "Why do you have a toothbrush in your purse?"

"Well sometimes I have no idea where I'll wind up the next morning," she replied smiling.

I said, "You know, if you carry a toothbrush in your purse, you're probably a slut."

She laughed and agreed.

With the help of friends and my overactive brain, I began thinking up ways to tell if you're a slut. For example,
If you take more Plan B than Vitamin B...
If they know you by name at Planned Parenthood...
If you no longer have a gag reflex...

These entries are based off of personal experiences and hypotheticals that I'm sure we have all had or thought about at one time or another. It was designed to make you laugh and realize that your closest friends or even you, yourself, are probably a slut. Let's face it ladies, we've all done something slutty at some point. But instead of looking at the word "slut" as a derogatory term, see it as being humorous and embrace it because you only live once.

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