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Wormy Germy and Spermy   Zoccola
Wormy, Germy & Spermy - Live 2015

Funny, edgy and a little mean. Zoccola incorporates an array of musical genres including rock, jazz, disco, swing, funk, 50's, blues, metal and punk with surprising accuracy to deliver their snarky and humorous lyrics. Comedian and author Allison Sciulla teams up with music veteran and seasoned producer Vinnie Spit to create a unique and engaging musical experience. Pan Dinamité provides the solid rhythmic backbone that let's you know this band means business. The most fun you'll ever have being offended.

1. Your Rape Baby Is a Gift from God (Live)
2. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes (Live)
3. Butt Sweat (Live)
4. My Twat's on Fire (Live)
5. I Don't Mind (Live)
6. Dating Black Guys (Live)
7. Put It in My Butt (Live)
8. Mechico Love Song (Live)
9. The One on the Left Ain't Right (Live)
10. Music Is Manipulating You (Live)
11. Boss (Live)
12. Black Napkins (Live)
13. Stick Yo' Cock (Live)
14. Wash Your Sheets (Live)
15. Heroin (Live)

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